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Donkey Konga , game? or life style?

hey just wanted to like tell anyone that might be interested in going to our next show at churchhills in october 17th that...well that we ARE having one on october 17th at churchills.
and that we'd like it ALOT if you came.
id recommend asking us for a ticket cause at the door its 10 dollars and from us its only 8.
we are kissing goodbye the old songs except Crash and Burn cause its so fun to play. new stuff is better in my opinion but hey you can judge for yourself once we are done recording id tell you when we were recording but i forgot. so i wont. cause i cant remember. so i cant tell you cause youd get all pissy cause i lied. then youd tell my mom. and shed beat me in the eye. and then what? im left with a latin beat down and your angry at me...no no no forget it dear. lets just say its in Octember 44, 1983. the new songs are really different from the first ones. mainly cause i said so. but otherwise they are different cause the rest of the band said so.
and this time we made sure theres time for you guys to cry during the breakdowns. PLUS we have pretty hair.

id tell you more stuff about the new cd and stuff on it but like they have this crazy ass plan that i have YET to understand...all i remember is that everyone was fighting and yelling about full length this demo that ep where? so i was nodding my head and lookin tuff with glasses and my granny sweater on. and then we played songs. all i got is the names for the songs.
(in order of birth)
Eternal Sunshine
Page 1
A Fallen Sky
they are pretty long. like 3 or 4 minutes each. maybe like three or four. but they are all needles in your belly button. so im sure you gonna be squeezing your butt cheecks to these songs cause they love sodomy.

And once again we would REALLY appreciate it if youd come down to our next show. like jason will have a kissing booth and if you come you can kiss his booth. but thats like all we can afford cause we are a poor kid band. OH and if you think we look like hungry its cause we are.
PLEASE feed us. no dairy please. we are against hurting milk for people to eat. thats inhumane. and if you DO go i recomend reading this AWESOME poster in the bathroom thats SOOOO informative.
like that little fact - a single toilet paper sheet cannot be folded in half more that 7 times. or was it six? well thers something to think about next time you taking a dump. oh and please. wipe right dont let any get on your hand or on the seat. please. last time i ....well lets just say i was a brown noser. wanna know the whole story? go to the show. ask me to tell it and i will.
im the trollish looking one in the band. i have a sailor moon tatto on the palm of my hand. you cant miss me. and i tend to wear those chuk E cheese eye patches.
well before i start to jabber i gotta go do homework. bye.
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